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It is well understood that Beard Hair Transplant is becoming popular across the globe with increasing trends of growing a full beard. If you have bald spots or patchy beard issue and want a permanent solution, CARA's beard hair transplant will make sure you get what you want. Our expert professionals at CARA Clinic, Mumbai make this possible via a Beard Hair Transplant wherein much volume is added to the beard and moustache, and the bald patches are thereby fixed anytime.

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Why Choose Sapphire FUE for beard transplant ?

Sapphire FUE refers to improvisation in slits making within the FUE hair transplant method. At CARA Clinic, Mumbai, we use the slits made by Sapphire Blades for hair grafts implantation. Compared to other needles used to make slits, the sapphire blades are very thin and very sharp. These needles are known to make very small cuts in the skin of the patient, called "micro- incisions," which allow the patient to heal quickly and with "no scarring" after the surgery. The use of new sapphire blades due to reduced scab formation prevents the risk of occurring infections.

Thus, this technique is considered to be much gentler for the patient. If you choose the sapphire FUE technique at the CARA Clinic in Mumbai, you will get results that look natural, have a high density, be safe, leave fewer scars, and have other benefits. Because the procedures work so well, this method is highly recommended, even for areas like the beard and eyebrows that are harder to treat.


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Dr. Mohd Asif, M.D., Dermatology, and Dr. Aleena Rahman, D.L.O, Otolaryngologist are both trained and certified hair transplant surgeons as well as aesthetic physicians. They are the founders and medical directors of Cara Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Clinic, Santa Cruz, Mumbai.

Dr. Asif was one of the first people to study the role of platelet-based hair regrowth treatments, and he has given papers that have won awards at both the national and international levels. His first publication on the tissue regenerative potential of platelets came within his residency program and was recognized in the British Journal of Cosmetic Dermatol. Dr Asif, experienced from Dr T, Hair Transplant Clinic, Turkey. He has a strong belief in ISHRS for standard hair restoration procedures and treats each graft carefully to ensure a quality hair transplant. Dr. Aleena Rehman Tatar is an ENT surgeon, who has well- equipped knowledge of hair transplant surgeries and has dedicated her time to excelling in this field.

Dr. Asif and Dr. Aleena envisioned a CARA Clinic where everyone could benefit from the most recent advances in hair loss treatments, like Sapphire FUE hair transplant and cell-based hair regenerative treatments. CARA is their forum for providing their clients with the highest level of personal attention and care.


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Our Beard Hair Transplant experts at CARA Clinic in Mumbai, depict artistry to achieve the desired results. Our surgeon will take into consideration of your facial shape, and existing hair growth patterns when designing the beard. Your desired beard style, such as a goatee, moustache, or full beard, will also be taken into account. Our surgeon may also discuss the placement of the transplanted hairs, including the direction in which the hairs should be oriented for the most natural-looking results.

You should be honest with our surgeon about your goals and preferences for the beard and ask any questions you may have about the procedure or the design process. The surgeon will use their skill and knowledge of how the face works and how hair grows to help you get a beard that looks natural and looks good. Below, we'll talk about the parts that make up a full beard. It is important to have a high hair density in each of these parts to give a fuller look to the beard.

SIDE LOCKS: This refers to the uppermost side portion of the beard on both sides.

CHEEK LINE: This constitutes the upper limit of the beard over the cheek area.

NECK LINE: This forms the lower limit of the beard over the neck.

BODY: This includes a significant portion of the beard on either side of the face.

MOUSTACHE: This is centrally located and joins to the beard on both sides of the face.

FRONT: This involves the area specifically confined to the chin and goatee.




Beard hair transplant surgery is a procedure in which hair follicles are extracted from a donor area (usually the scalp) and transplanted to the beard area to improve the appearance of thin or patchy beard. You will be given a local anaesthetic before the procedure to numb the area where the hair follicles will be removed & implanted. After the procedure, you may experience some swelling, redness, or discomfort in the treated area, but these symptoms should go away on their own within 2-3 days. It may take 4-6 months for the transplanted hair to fully grow in and achieve the desired appearance.

Extraction by FUE method & sapphire Slits making

At CARA Beard Growth Clinic in Mumbai, hair grafts are harvested with the FUE method. Our experts at the CARA Clinic in Mumbai make sure that the hair grafts are taken out one by one, so that you don't end up with a long scar like you would with traditional FUT. Next, our hair transplant surgeon will make small incisions in the recipient area (the beard area) using a Sapphire blade. The transplanted hair follicles will be carefully placed into the incisions. They will be oriented so that they grow in the same direction as the patient's natural beard.



In the DHT method, hair grafts are both taken out and put back in at the same time. This procedure ensures quick hair grafts implantation and the best hair graft survival. It's important to know that the hair graft's ability to live outside the body depends on things like the solution used to keep it alive, how the temperature is controlled, how long it's been out of the body, and other things. This DHT procedure ensures faster results and the best hair graft survival. Our hair transplant surgeon team at Beard Growth CARA Clinic, Mumbai, is well experienced in DHT methods ensuring the highest hair grafts survival and the best results of Beard Hair Transplant and Patchy Beard Treatment.


Who need beard hair transplant?

Men who have thin or patchy facial hair growth or who have lost their beard hair permanently due to things like genetics, scarring, or certain medical conditions usually get beard hair transplant surgery. Some men may also choose to get beard hair transplant surgery to change the shape or contour of their beard or to make it thicker. People think that a man is more manly if he grows a beard. People often say that men lose confidence when they don't have beards.

It is also important to consult with a qualified and experienced hair transplant surgeon to determine whether beard hair transplant surgery is appropriate in a particular case, and to discuss the best treatment options. Many young people and adults want to have a full beard these days.



What causes patchy beard or absent beard?

There are several things that could cause your beard to grow in spots or not at all. Some men may have thin or patchy facial hair because of their genes, which can be passed down from their parents. Changes or imbalances in hormones, like those that happen during puberty or because of some medical conditions, can also affect how much hair grows on the face. Some medicines or treatments, like chemotherapy, can also cause hair loss, either temporarily or permanently. In some cases, a scar from an injury or surgery or a skin condition like alopecia can cause a beard to grow in spots or not at all.

It is important to note that the growth patterns of facial hair can vary widely among men, and what is considered a "normal" beard may differ from person to person. Some men may have naturally thicker or fuller facial hair, while others may have patchier growth. In general, the density and distribution of facial hair is largely determined by genetics, but other factors such as diet, overall health, and age can also play a role.



A Beard Hair Transplant Procedure is recommended for many individuals depicting patchy beard or bald patches in beard. Our experts at CARA Clinic, Mumbai have dealt with many candidates, such as -

  • An individual who has not developed a beard and moustache (or has an uneven beard) till 22 years.
  • An individual who depicts permanent loss of beard hair due to associated medical conditions like acute trauma, trichotillomania, and a few more.
  • An individual depicting lower testosterone levels or suffering from various prevalent feminizing conditions.
  • An individual who wants to improve his beard aesthetics.



Expectations after beard transplant

It needs to be well understood that the face swells immediately after the Beard or Moustache Growth Treatment surgery or Patchy Beard Treatment and returns to normal in 2-3 days. The scabs tend to occur from the first day itself and fall in consecutive 7-10 days. Beard Hair Transplants normally takes 7 days to recover.

If any kind of travel is scheduled after the transplant surgery, it is recommended to schedule the next afternoon's flight or journey. It should be noted that the transplanted hair is usually shed within the first month itself. The re-growth of initial hair takes 3-6 months after the transplant. A gradual increase in hair density is observed within the first year after the surgery.



Our doctors and the entire team of healthcare experts at our Beard Growth CARA Clinic, Mumbai, understands that beard and moustache hair transplant is a rewarding procedure for those you seek it. The successful results of the involved procedures increase the confidence levels of our patients. Hence, selecting the most appropriate clinic and expert surgeon is highly recommended for Beard and Moustache Growth Treatment and Patchy Beard Treatment.

At our Beard Growth CARA Clinic in Mumbai, our team of doctors and healthcare experts give you the best density of beard, which is natural-looking. Our Beard Hair Transplant and Patchy Beard Treatment surgeries involve many advancements like the use of sapphire blades and direct hair transplantation method (DHT). Dr. Mohd. Asif, at CARA Beard Growth Clinic, Mumbai, ensures that he places each hair follicle during the Beard Hair Transplant surgery commencement. He carefully selects the hair grafts as it is essential to implant single or double hair grafts in getting natural results. Sapphire blades are used at CARA Beard Growth Clinic to make slits into the recipient area via sharp incisions.

The beard transplant costs in Mumbai at our renowned clinic are very affordable for all patients. Please contact us if you have similar requirements, and our staff/experts shall be glad to assist you in resolving all your doubts and queries through detailed consultation and support.



A beard/facial hair transplant is an important part of the field of hair transplantation. It is used to restore hair in the beard or on the face. The procedures and treatments for transplanting hair on the face take a lot of experience because they are very different from regular hair transplant procedures and treatments. The Sapphire FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is recommended during the involved processes.

When it comes to beard and facial hair transplants, the following points need to be clear:

  • The donor area for beard and moustache hair transplant is the back of the scalp in most cases. However, if you have common baldness over the scalp as well, then the underlying procedures need to be discussed with the our hair transplant expert in detail.
  • The angle, direction and orientation of beard hair need to be analysed appropriately. It is observed that the beard hair angle is flatter to the surface of the skin in various directions, mostly downwards. If the transplanted hair are placed above the desired angle, it gives an unnatural look and cannot be rectified easily thereafter.
  • If too many multi-follicular hair grafts are used in the beard, an overall unnatural look is obtained, which cannot be rectified easily.
  • To create a fuller look, it is best to fill in all the gaps in the right places, like the cheeks, sideburns, moustache, goatee, and under-chin area.



Patchy beards occur due to genetic or racial factors. Patchy beard solutions are applicable under such conditions to solve the case. Sometimes medical conditions like trichotillomania or alopecia areata, or traumatic scar can give permanent hair loss in beard hair. However, acquired patchy beard is treatable most of the time; on the other hand, hair transplant is the only solution for a genetically influenced patchy beard or permanent beard bald spots.

If the cause of beard hair loss is a specific medical condition, there are still chances to receiver the lost hair via medical treatments. No oil is recommended for growth of genetically deficient beard. Beard styling can be done via the use of oil and wax. A patchy beard or moustache or beard bald spots can be well treated via an effective Beard and Moustache Growth procedure.

It is a well-known myth that regular trimming or shaving of your beard hair will never increase beard hair growth. No theoretical explanation can be given supporting these thoughts.

After the involved procedures of a Beard Hair Transplant, the face swells immediately and returns to normal in 2- 3 days. The scabs or crust in beard area will appear from the first day itself and will fall in the next 7-10 days. Similarly, the donor area heals entirely in the early 4-5 days. In general, Beard Hair Transplants take roughly 5 days to recover, but a person can perform any work or travel from the next day after his hair transplant.

The price of a beard transplant cost in India could be 70-100 INR per hair grafts. It can vary among clinics depending on factors like Beard Growth Treatment, training and certification of surgeons, and hair transplant clinic standards. It is recommended to have a detailed consultation with your dermatologist to clear all your doubts and queries regarding the beard transplant prices prevalent at our clinic.

The number of hair grafts required to fill the patchy beard/beard bald spots varies depending on the site. Roughly on one side; Sideburn require 150-180 hair grafts, the Body of the beard may need 1000-1200 hair grafts, Side neck need around 300-500 hair grafts. Centrally, a mustache may need 400-500 hair grafts, and a chin with a goatee requires 300-400 hair grafts. Most of the time, the patient has some hair presents in different beard parts, reducing the number of hair grafts needed.

Yes, It is possible to take chest and body hair! But beard hair is the thickest hair, and beard hair characteristics can't match the body hair. It is always better to use scalp hair or a combination of scalp and beard hair (under-chin area).

Those patients who undergo a beard / facial hair transplant normally have beard bald spots or patchy beards, uneven or absent beard, empty sideburns or moustache, scanty eyelashes, and eyebrows. Patchy beard solutions are undertaken in these cases. To undergo the beard / facial hair transplant procedure, the patient must be healthy, must have crossed 22 years of age.

The specific advantages of Beard Hair Transplant and Patchy Beard Treatments include sophisticated and younger looks, natural results, ideal beautifying approaches, enhanced self-esteem, and confidence levels, and much more.

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