Hair Regrowth Treatment

Get The Best Treatment For Hair Growth In Mumbai At Cara

Are you looking for advanced hair regrowth treatment? Then look no further than CARA’-Hair regrowth system. Our system is designed to help promote healthy hair growth. This is one of the best possible hair growth treatment.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

How does CARA’s "Hair Regrowth Factor" help to reduce hair loss and boost hair growth?

CARA’s "Hair Regrowth Factor" is a natural hair loss treatment that can help reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. The "platelets cells" from your blood are the key ingredient in CARA's "Hair Regrowth Factor" treatment. When injected into the area around the hair follicles, the growth factors and other healing proteins in the platelets can help the hair grow back. The procedure is combined with "microneedling treatment," which is a minimally invasive method of making tiny punctures in the skin to speed up the scalp's natural healing process. This hair regrowth treatment process allows the migration of important cells around the hair follicle for hair regeneration.

Platelets and microneedling are often used together to maximize hair growth. The combination of these two hair regrowth treatments can help to improve blood circulation to the scalp, promote hair growth, and reduce hair loss. The CARA’s hair regrowth treatment will increase your hair volume, improve your hair texture, improve your hair thickness, and save you a lot of time that you otherwise might have spent on daily medication and hair care products.


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Hair Regrowth Treatment

Platelets and microneedling in the treatment of hair loss:

Platelets are cells found in our blood that are responsible for many functions, including regeneration. When we injure ourselves, platelets travel to the site of the injury and help to stop the bleeding by clotting the blood. It also contains growth factors, which are proteins that promote healing and regeneration. Microneedling is a procedure in which tiny needles are used to create tiny punctures in the skin. This starts the body's natural healing process, which leads to the release of growth factors by the healing cells and lays the groundwork for new blood vessels to form. This is thought to be one of the main reasons why hair grows back. The "Hair Regrowth Factor" treatment utilizes platelets' ability to release growth factors that work together with the healing properties of microneedling to help hair grow back as quickly as possible.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

CARA’s "Hair Regrowth Factor" treatment for hair loss in men

Hair loss can have many different causes, including medical conditions, genetic factors, and side effects of certain medications. In most cases, however, it is simply a result of aging or genetic factors. Although male pattern baldness is an inherited condition mediated by androgens, particularly dihydrotestosterone (DHT), it is not necessary to look for a positive family member or check testosterone levels. It is common to find male pattern baldness in first-degree relatives who show no signs of hair loss, so don't rule out pattern baldness if you don't have any balding relatives in your family.

CARA’s "Hair Regrowth Factor" treatment is among the most recent advances and a highly effective way to get your hair back. When platelets are injected into the scalp of a man who is going bald, they release growth factors. The hair follicle cells use these growth factors to help the hair grow back. CARA’s "Hair Regrowth Factor" treatment will get the hair thickness back, improve the overall hair volume, reduce scalp visibility, and increase the hair density. After getting this hair regrowth treatment, we expect an increase in your hair density and better hair coverage on the balding scalp. At the CARA clinic, we have standardized hair regrowth treatments that help hair grow back and make people happy with the results.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

CARA’s "Hair Regrowth Factor" treatment for hair loss in women

About one-third of women experience female pattern baldness at some point in their lives. Our experts at CARA Clinic know that a woman's emotional health and quality of life are greatly affected by hair loss. Androgenic alopecia in women starts with the part-line getting thinner over time. Then, the top of the hair starts to lose hair in a more even way. At CARA we also provide hair regrowth treatment for women and men at an affordable hair loss treatment cost.

CARA's "Hair Regrowth Factor" treatment is among the most current advancements and a highly effective technique to get your hair back in the case of female hair loss disorders. We will use your own platelets, cells, and growth factors throughout this hair loss treatment. These growth factors are used by hair follicle cells to regenerate. The "Hair Regrowth Factor" treatment from CARA will make hair thicker and fuller, make the scalp less visible, and increase hair density. The CARA Hair Loss Clinic in Mumbai makes sure that women with female pattern baldness and other hair loss problems get the best care possible.

Some of the most common causes of hair loss in women include


As people age, their hair often begins to thin and turn gray. This is a normal part of the aging process and is not usually a cause for concern.

Genetic factors

Hair loss can be hereditary. If you have family members who have experienced hair loss, you may be more likely to experience it yourself.

Medical conditions

certain medical conditions, such as thyroid problems, can cause hair loss.

Side effects of medications

Hair loss is a common side effect of certain medications, such as chemotherapy drugs used to treat cancer.

Hormonal changes

Changes in hormone levels, such as those that occur during menopause, can sometimes cause hair loss.


Physical or emotional stress can sometimes trigger hair loss.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

What are the benefits of CARA’s “Hair Regrowth Factor”?

There are many benefits of using CARA's “Hair Regrowth Factor," including:

1. Improve hair texture
2. Improve hair thickness
3. Reduces hair loss
4. Increases hair density
5. Reduces greying of hair
6. It saves your existing hair & delays the need for frequent hair transplants
7. Completely Safe & risk- free treatment
8. There is no chance of allergies or major problems

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Which types of people benefit from CARA’s “Hair Regrowth Factor”?

1. People with hair loss due to genetic factors or male/female pattern baldness.
2. People with alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes patchy hair loss.
3. People who have had a hair transplant and are experiencing hair thinning in other areas of scalp.
4. People who want to improve the appearance of their thinning hair.
5. People who want to stimulate hair growth after chemotherapy or other medications that cause hair loss.
6. Men and women of all ages can benefit from CARA’s “Hair Regrowth” Factor treatment.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

What should I expect during the procedure of CARA's “Hair Growth Factor” treatment?

“CARA'S Hair Regrowth Factor” refers to a 5-step process in which a detailed consultation is taken first, followed by hair growth treatment. The involved steps are discussed below;

Hair checkup and consultation

A hair and scalp analysis will be done to identify the type of hair loss you are experiencing. This will help determine if platelet-based treatment and microneedling are right for you or not.

Harvesting of platelet cells

In this procedure, you will feel a small prick in your arm where the blood will be taken (20–40 ml). The blood is then subjected to centrifugation, which separates the platelets from the rest of the blood. This procedure is done in a totally clean environment, and we wouldn't let any chance of contamination or risk happen. The whole process takes nearly 30 minutes, and when it's done, the doctor may start numbing the area.

Numbing the area

Local anaesthesia is injected with a superfine insulin syringe to numb the area during the hair regrowth treatment. As part of the anaesthesia process, we use a vibrating device and other pain-relieving techniques to minimize pain. The hair loss treatment process will be over within a few minutes, and you will be ready for microneedling treatment.


After numbing the area, we begin with micro-needling, which is an important step for hair growth treatment. In this process, a dermapen is used to make tiny holes in the skin, which is called microtrauma. The length of the needle varies from 1 to 2 mm, so it only goes into the top layer of skin. This means that it would not cause any harm to the hair root at a deeper level. At the same time, the induced microtrauma is enough to start the healing process in the skin, which helps the hair cells to grow back and regenerate.

Injections of platelet cells

We will begin injecting platelet cells throughout the numb scalp. The platelet solution, when injected into the scalp, stimulates hair follicles for regrowth. When injected into the scalp, important growth factors are released. This causes hair follicle cells to grow, which leads to active growth and hair regeneration. This is the last step of hair growth treatment, and now the entire process is done, and you are ready to go home.

After the hair loss treatment procedure, our specialist will talk to you about what to do next to make sure the results last. Results can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to appear. This new treatment for hair growth is a revolutionary way to make your hair look better. If you are struggling with hair loss, thinning hair, or just want to improve the overall appearance of your hair, this treatment may be right for you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get the best solution for your hair fall!

Hair Regrowth Treatment

After effects of CARA’s "Hair Regrowth Factor" treatment?

Our hair regrowth treatment is easy and doesn't pose any major risks, but there are still some things you should know. Still, after the procedure, you will notice the following:

Effects of local anesthesia

Injections of local anesthesia make the whole procedure painless, but after a few hours, the effects of the anesthesia will wear off, and you may start to feel a light head weight. Most of the time, you don't need medicine for this, and in a few minutes, you'll be fine.

Mild pain when touched

You might feel tenderness at the site of the procedure for a day or two, but this won't stop you from doing your regular tasks. It may be little painful to comb for 2-3 days, and it is therefore advisable not to touch the scalp with the stiff bristles of the comb.

Mild swelling on the head is common, and it can start the day after the procedure and last for the next two or three days. The swelling is barely noticeable, and it didn't always happen.


As it heals, you might feel a little bit of itching or a dry scalp for a few days, but it will go away on its own.

This hair regrowth treatment has no serious side effects; most other side effects only last a few days and go away on their own. At the CARA clinic, we make sure that all of the quality standards for hair growth treatment are in place, that help is always available, that the staff is trained and experienced, and that Doctor Asif and Dr. Aleena do the whole procedure themselves.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

COMBINED approach USING CARA'S hair regrowth system & HAIR TRANSPLANT

Hair Regrowth Factor
  • Preservation and enhancement of hair follicle viability during and after hair transplant procedures.
  • Promotion and enhancement of tissue repair and healing after hair transplantation procedures
  • Stimulation of new hair growth and reactivation of dormant hair follicles
  • It enhances the survival of the hair graft by providing essential growth factors.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

What effect will the combination of platelets, microneedling, mesotherapy, and LED lights have on hair regrowth?

Combining the power of platelets, microneedling, mesotherapy, and LED light therapy, the CARA Clinic offers a unique and effective way to treat hair loss. Only a very few need a combination of all of these treatments; most of the time, platelets and microneedling are sufficient to regenerate the hair follicles. With all of these treatments working together, new blood vessels are made, the growing (anagen) phase of the hair cycle is pushed forward, and growth factor is released, which makes hair grow. The experts at the clinic have a lot of experience treating hair loss and make treatment plans for each person based on their needs.




CARA's hair loss treatment is minimally invasive and can improve your hair's overall appearance. It involves injecting your platelets along with the use of microneedling techniques on your scalp to improve hair growth.

Anyone struggling with hair loss or thinning hair may be a good candidate for CARA's “Hair Regrowth Factor” treatments. A consultation with one of our providers can help determine if this treatment is right for you.

Treatment sessions typically last 45 minutes to an hour. The number of treatments you need will depend on your individual goals and hair loss severity.

No, hair loss treatment is not painful. Local anesthesia will be used to numb the area before injection. You may feel a slight prick during the injection, but it will be very tolerable.

The "Hair Regrowth Factor" from Cara works very well and is safe for both males and females. There are no serious side effects from Cara’s “Hair Regrowth Factor," and most other side effects only last a few days and go away on their own. These can include mild pain when touched, mild swelling, and itching.

CARA's hair regrowth factor is an affordable alternative to hair transplants, which cost upwards of INR 8–10k per treatment, and most patients see the best results after 3-5 sessions. To get satisfactory hair growth treatment at an affordable hair regrowth cost, consult CARA.

Most people will see results after one treatment session, but some may require a series of three to four CARA's "Hair Regrowth Factor" treatments, spaced 2-3 weeks apart, to achieve the best results.

hair loss, the Cara Hair Regrowth System is a five-step process that starts with a detailed consultation and moves on to platelet cell extraction, numbing the scalp, micro-needling, and finally injecting plasma with platelet cells. If you are looking for a safe and effective hair regrowth system, look no further than CARA’s “hair regrowth factor." The CARA’s hair- regrowth treatment uses your own platelets and microneedling techniques to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss.

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